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a brief history


the static droids ventured out onto the stage for the first time.

4th april 1983 ; top of the world / stafford.


l - r ; simon ward, mark meddings, barry whitlow, paul mellings


this unayy set was at holmcroft youth centre now with tim brice on vocals.

simon returned now joined also by andy roeton on bass and roger johns on drums.

this shot is from orisha fun fun's 1st concert. 18/12/85
simon , andy , roger , tim , mark .


moved to helsinki in 1990,

played numerous clubs and parties in Helsinki as emtique/redshift

was a big favourite

recorded an hour long set, with wici as paradigm for the 1st ambient city
( radio / installation ) project

ambient cityambient city
t-mesh from the paradigm set was included on the
unitunes ( sähkö / dum ) collaboration, distant music
as redshift, wavewhite rmx was included on gamma`s  function recordings funktio1 compliation
finally had the chance to make some tunes with ove for the valonvoimat festival's club lux
1998 , sensien cd , some make quiet machines is released . .
" ...the muffled beats of a polar bears footsteps...electronic sounds as clear as icicles...pinging Basic Channel dub house and tripping breakbeats to brooding techno loops...a cooly humid and alternative way to chill out..." - MUZIK 03/99
rata from smqm was included on the function / sauna compilation, v/a funktio2
" ..weird beard techno from far flung places? we like! " - MUZIK 02/99

august 2000 was the first koneisto festival, turku / finland

january 2001 was skeletor records ( now xox records ) modification party
with ove providing live computer generated visuals.
  since moving to brussels,

in this place I call ohm . . .

lilimei is featured on the original soundcarrier to utopia
for  rOr
a long term project with Henri of
 Mots Cousus
is underway,
stay tuned

    it can be quite inspirational in the finnish lakes ..

lilimei was also used on bbc3's architecture / design series, dreamspaces, in a finnish sauna.

leading us to,